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JDP Networks lets you gain access to an extremely fast network of VPS / Virtual Private Servers to give your business affordable resources for whatever needs!

Virtual server hosting

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Why Choose Our VPS Platform

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Free control panel

All VPS orders come with an inclusive Plesk Control panel in order to give you all the tools required to build your business!

secure hosting
Super Secure

Your server is backed 24/7 by our managed firewall solutions meaning that all types of attacks get blocked before they even reach your server!

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Multiple DC's

We have multiple data centres located in the UK, Germany, Spain and the United States in order to give you local access to secured hardware 24/7.

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Managed Hosting

Weather your looking for a private web server, or a Windows server for active directory, RDP, and anything else, we have you covered!

Unbeatable features

Some of our key VPS features

Managed virtual hosting

Free Plesk Control Panel

24/7 Professional UK Support

Extremely Fast Hardware

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1-click wordpress install
VPS Startup Package

Kick-start your server on our VPS Startup package today! This particular server is designed for small web servers, VPN's, voice servers and more. But ofcourse, your server is your own, host what you want!

secure hosting
Super Secure

All of our servers, including the VPS Startup is protected by managed firewalls systems which block any inbound attacks before they reach your server.

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Data Centre Location

Choose between 4 data centres located in the UK, Spain, Germany and the United States.

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External Bandwidth

The VPS Startup package includes a massive 400 mbps external connection with a 1 gbps direct fibre line to other servers you may purchase through us, making backups, migrations, and fail-overs instant.

VPS Startup

£2.20 / Month
Cancel anytime
  • 1vCore
  • 512MB RAM
  • 10GB SSD
  • 400 Mbps External Bandwidth

Host whatever you want, whenever you want.

Linux? Windows? You choose!

Host whatever you want on whichever operating system you desire! With our VPS solutions – you’re always in control of your own data, with absolutely 0 restrictions!

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24/7 Expert UK Support

Our on call support team are on hand 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues that may pop up throughout your project. Need us? Get an instant reply!

DDoS Protection

Our global protection services protect you against any form of DDoS attack giving you a completely secured server, all the time!

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Looking for a custom solution?

Let’s have a chat about building your server. Use the contact form below or open a livechat form the bottom right corner of your screen. 

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    Let's make your business boom 🙂

    With rocket fast hardware and a super secure environment, we ensure your clients are never left in the dark when a server goes down. If the outage is due to hardware instead of software, one of our readily available failover servers will take over and provide the uptime which is vital to your business.

    Don't just take our word for it..

    This hosting is amazing never have I found a host supply servers at this low of a value for amazing performance. 4 cores 8 gigs of ram for 4$!!! Another great feature of this hosting is that supply DDoS Protection on all of their servers. The support team is always online and always ready to help if your in need of a server this is the place to go dont pay for over priced hosting when you dont half to! - Johney
    Theodore Codevelt
    Source: Google
    I started using JDP Networks for hosting of a website and email. I got a good domain at a reasonable price and got plenty of great support. Overall, a great service. I would definitely recommend JDP Networks to my friends.
    James Walker
    Source: Facebook

    VPS Startup+

    £5 / Month
    Cancel anytime
    • 1vCore
    • 1GB RAM
    • 20GB SSD
    • 400mbps Bandwidth

    VPS XL

    £45.99 / Month
    Cancel anytime
    • 6vCores
    • 12GB RAM
    • 240GB SSD
    • 400mbps Bandwidth


    £65 / Month
    Cancel anytime
    • 8vCores
    • 24GB RAM
    • 240GB SSD
    • 400mbps Bandwidth

    Help & Support

    Our support engineers are on call 24/7 to assist you with any queries you have! Need help? Let us know, we are more then happy to help!

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