Tricks to speed up your Minecraft Server - Detailed guide

Players value a server which is both unique against others but also stable and fast. But finding the right spot in-between is far from easy.

In short, try a few of the below tips to effectively speed up your Minecraft Server.

  • Install the ClearLagg plugin

The ClearLag plugin is available on both Spigot, and Bukkit and is designed to purge the amount of memory and CPU usage which your servers consume. This is done by removing items from the ground, managing loaded / unloaded chunks and more. If your server is experiencing lag spikes this plugin will be huge for you. You can download, and install the .jar file in your plugins folder by visiting either one of these pages. Spigot / Bukkit. When installing this plugin, ensure you download and make use of the version designed for your Minecraft Server – this is important, more detail on this can be found below.

  • Delete unused plugins

Plugins which are installed, but not or rarely used are a bad idea. They can clash with other plugins installed on the server and also just be a bad idea in general as they use up RAM which can be put to better use elsewhere.

  • Avoid using the Multiverse and similar plugins

Using plugins such as Multiverse core is okay if you run a small server, or a closed one for friends. However, it is not suitable for large servers as it hosts multiple worlds on the same instance. Instead, consider moving to a BungeeCord Network setup. BungeeCord packages can be picked up from this page – and a detailed guide to effectively set this up will be available on our website soon.

  • Restart your server at least every 6 hours

Restarting your server regularly flushes both the RAM, and CPU usage of your server. It is highly recommended to restart your server at least every 6 hours for this reason. If your server is hosted with JDP Networks, you can read the section below to learn how to set this up automatically, without the use of plugins or mods.

  • Moderate your server against auto-farms

Auto-farms, such as EMC generators on Tekkit Mod Packs keep chunks open, even when there are no players nearby and in some cases when they are offline completely. It is a good idea to install a plugin such as Super Vanish, and teleport to the random players if you start experiencing lag. There are some plugins which do this for you, but you open the possibility of making the issue even worse if you install too many plugins – the option is completely up to you, but be mindful of the amount of plugins and mods installed as this can make your server very unstable.

  • Avoid bots spamming your server

Robots are a constant issue around the entire internet – online game servers too. Install a verification plugin which requires a user to complete a re-capture upon them joining, this can help against attacks.

optimizing minecraft server for speed and performance

Making sure your Minecraft Server and plugins are both on the same version.

Versioning in Minecraft is extremely important. With each new release of the game new things get changed, including the way in which you interact with blocks, blocks themselves, game modes, and a whole list of other factors to account for. If you install a plugin for a previous or future  version of Minecraft, it will cause stability issues on your server. Always ensure your plugins match your server version! This is very often missed, and is the main factor which contributes to lag.

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Restarting your Minecraft Server

It is extremely important to restart your Minecraft Server regularly. This is because your RAM and CPU usage reset to flush out the system.

On the JDP Networks Minecraft Server Control Panel, you can create automatic restart schedules and configure them to your desire at any time.

restart minecraft server
how to speed up modded minecraft server

Short Bonus: Optimizing your Forge Server for performance

Minecraft forge is a remarkable piece of software when it comes to Minecraft Server Hosting – it recreates the way in which we play the game, and enhances creativity through the use of mods. In most cases, an out-the-box mod pack will work just fine. However, if you are creating your own custom forge server, this section should help.

First of all, always ensure mods match the version of your Minecraft Server! This is very often missed, but is probably the most important factor when it comes to mods.

Make sure you have enough RAM for your server! Minecraft is memory hungry as we all know – so make sure you have at least 6GB – 8GB of RAM before even thinking of running a server with multiple mods.

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