How to host a Node.js website for free in 2021


So, you’ve created your Node.js application but have no where to actually host it for the internet to view! Luckily, we will show you how you can host your Node.js website and put it online in under 30 minutes! Let’s jump right into the action, shall we?

Finding your hosting provider

Luckily for you, we, JDP Networks are a hosting provider which includes Node.js on all of our hosting packages! 

Purchasing Node.js hosting

To view all of the benifits of Node.js website hosting through ourselves, click here. To purchase a package, simply navigate to the previously mentioned link and choose a hosting package which suites you best, for most users and small websites, the Basic package will do you nicely! Don’t forget to apply your coupon code (JDPBLOG) at the checkout for a discount!

Setting up your package for Node.js

Now you have secured your package, check your emails – you should have login details within the activation email to allow you to login to the dashboard.

Now you are logged in, select “Websites and Domains” from the menu on the left hand side, and drop down your domain name. You should see Node.js – give this a click.

Setting up your application environment

Within the Node.js section, we have a few options here.

  • Node.js Version: Set this to the latest
  • Document Root: Set to httpdocs
  • Application mode: Development for testing
  • Application URL: Your domain
  • Document root: Set to your node.js application directory
  • Startup file: Your servers .js file

Once you are happy with your configuration, hit the “enable Node.js” button on the top of the page to enable your Node.js website.

Uploading your files

To upload your files, access the File Manager from “Websites & Domains” >> “File Manager” >> (The path you chosen earlier on). Once your files are in place, your Node.js website will be live!


Your Node.js website is now live for the public to see!

Thank you so much for reading this post, I would love to hear your feedback in the commends section below! Your feedback is greatly valued, and contributes towards more quality posts here at JDP Networks.

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