How to create your first WordPress website: A step by step guide

Starting a website is the best way for making money and gaining interest in your business in 2021. Let’s set you up with your own WordPress website today!

But, before we start, let’s review some of the biggest reasons why websites are good for your business, and yourself in general.

  1. Professional email address
  2. Saving clients email address’s for marketing (if they opt-in)
  3. Passive income for services
  4. Easy money making (in your sleep)
  5. It is extremely (too) easy to get started
  6. It costs next to nothing!

What makes a website?

There only 4 simple parts to create your stunning WordPress website, and it takes no time at all to do!

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. CMS system
  4. Design

A domain name is a fancy term used to describe the name / link / URL of your website. For example, the domain name for this website is

Hosting is a place where your websites content gets stored and accessed by your traffic / web visitors. The hosting ‘server’ is a remote computer in the web that sends your content out to your visitors.

A CMS system is a system that helps you manage the content you push to your website, like a website builder, for example. WordPress is a great example of this. WordPress is a free Content Management System (CMS) that is located on your web host. Should you choose web hosting through us (JDP Networks), we make it as easy as possible to install WordPress with a 1-click installation from the control panel – for just £1 per month!

The design of your website is extremely important, as it shapes the content and makes it more easy for your visitors to read and understand. Your website’s design must be unique, and also stand out from the others around the internet.

Choosing a web hosting provider

We (JDP Networks) offer hundreds of web services including web hosting! This also includes a 1-click installation for WordPress websites and takes 2 minutes to setup! Read from the feature list below, and find a discount contained!

Creating your website: Step 1

Choosing and registering a domain name:

A domain name, as previously explained above is the link people will use to access your website. For this blog post and example, we will use “” since we already have this registered. To register your domain, head on over to this link and run your ideal domain name through our checker to see if its available for purchase!

Congratulations! You have just secured yourself a beautiful domain name! TIP: Don’t forget to apply the “JDPBLOG” coupon code at the checkout for your discount!

Creating your website: Step 2

Purchasing a web hosting plan:

Awesome, you have a domain name! But, that domain name is useless without a web hosting package to match! To purchase a website hosting package for the domain, head on over to this link and purchase the hosting package which suites you best. For most users, the ‘Basic’ hosting package will suite your needs nicely, and don’t forget to apply the discount ‘JDPBLOG’ at the checkout for your discount!

When ordering your web hosting package, make sure you enter the domain name into the order form that matches your purchased domain name! If you enter the wrong one, that’s not a problem, our support team would be more then happy to change this over for you.

Creating your website: Step 3

Setting up WordPress

Setting up your WordPress install on your website is extremely simple with JDP Networks, to get started, check your emails! 

You should have received login information via email for your new hosting package we set up earlier on in this tutorial. If you are having issues finding it, please do contact our support teams. Once you are logged into our web control panel, on the left hand side menu, you should be able to see ‘WordPress’. Give this a click, and hit ‘Install WordPress’. 

On hitting the install button, a new section will pop up with some information to enter for your new website.

  • Installation path: We can leaver this empty!
  • Website title: The title for your WordPress website
  • Plugin/theme set: This option installs some stock plugins and themes for you to get started right out of the box! This is completely optional.
  • Website language: Select to match preferences
  • Version: Use current
  • WordPress Administrator: Select to match prefences
  • Database: Left alone
  • Auto Update Settings: Set to auto-update


Creating your website: Step 4

Logging in, and content writing

To login to your new WordPress website, navigate to ‘Websites And Domains’ and hit ‘Log In’, its as simple as that!

Content writing

Now that you have logged into your WordPress website, simply click on the Posts, or Pages buttons on the left hand side to start writing content for your blog or website! The Posts page allows you to create categories and new posts for your blogs (Like the blog you are reading now) and the Pages button allows you to add new pages to your website that are separate to your blog.

Your website is now live, congratulations!

We hope you found this post of great use, and we would love to hear some feedback on it! Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below for our team to review. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and we hope to see you again soon!

Happy blogging!

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