ClickCease How to create a modded Minecraft server on Pterodactyl Panel
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This post will detail exactly how to create a modded Minecraft server using the Pterodactyl Panel. I'll show you how you can create your modded server as simply as possible, on a “bare bones” installation, and we will also dive deeper and go a little bit more technical to give you the best possible, lag-free Minecraft server for you and your friends to enjoy.

Choosing your mod pack

The easiest way to create a Minecraft server with mods, is to choose a pack! A “modpack” is a collection of individual mods which you can install to your server. Generally, the mods chosen by the pack creator all work and interact together making your gaming experience more streamlined, and fun. This also adds a more technical feel to the general Minecraft game.

To find your mod pack, head on over to the Technic Launcher's official website and hit download. This program allows you to install thousands of packs at a click of a button. Once downloaded and installed, login with your Mojang account and start having a scroll through and install the ones you find interesting! Once you have picked a final pack - its time to install your server! For this post, we will be using Tekkit Legends, because lets be honest.. its classic, takes you back to the old Minecraft 1.7.10 days, and its awesome!!

Jump on over to the Technic Launcher's website once again, click on “Browse Modpacks” and search for the pack you chosen. On the right hand side of the modpack page, you should see “Server Download” - if you don't see this, im afraid the author hasn't released the server version yet. But, if you're in luck, smack the download button to grab your Minecraft modpack server files!

Uploading your Minecraft Modpack to Pterodactyl Panel

Here at JDP Networks - we offer powerful Minecraft Server hosting packages on the cheap. If you haven't already purchased a server hosting package - head on over to this page to grab your ideal package. Also note that if you pickup our Spigot / Bukkit / Paper packages, you can still simply replace the server jar to a modded one and this will work just fine.

Login to Pterodactyl Panel, with the username and password your hosting provider would send you via your email address. At JDP Networks, the login url is located here.

Once logged in, pop on over to your “File Manager” tab at the top of the panel. Once you are here, simply drag and drop the .zip file you downloaded earlier for your modpack. This zip contains all of the files you need to host your Modded Minecraft Server on the Pterodactyl Panel. Your file might take a little bit of time to copy over via the file manager, so please be patient! Once it has transferred, click on the 3 dots and then hit “Unarchive” to decompress your files.

Configuring your Minecraft Server

If your modpack ships with the start files for Linux / Windows - feel free to delete them as we will not be needing these files! While you are at it, go ahead and remove the .zip file we uploaded earlier as this will save you valuable storage space on your Minecraft Hosting Plan.

Notice the “TekkitLegends.jar” file? This is the start-up Java file you will use to start your server. Note that the name of this file will differ depending on which modpack you chosen earlier. Also note that the “minecraft_server.1.7.10.jar” is not the file you need to start the server, this is just the vanilla Minecraft file.

There are 2 things to ensure here! First of all, change your java version via the first highlighted section at the top of the screenshot on the left hand side to the correct Java version for your version of Minecraft! Do some research here - as some modpacks will not tell you. If worst comes to worst and you don't know, change the version to Java 8 and try each version onwards until your server starts without Java versioning errors. In my case, Java 8 for Minecraft 1.7.10 is recommended.

Second of all, change your “Server Jar File” to the name and file extension matching your startup file. In this case, that will be “TekkitLegends.jar”.

Head on over to the Console tab at the top of the Pterodactyl Panel, and hit start to start up your server for the first time.

Once you do, after a few seconds a window will pop up asking you to accept the Minecraft Eula, press on “I ACCEPT”.

Congratulations your Modded Minecraft Server hosted on the Pterodactyl Panel is now up and running! If you are a JDP Networks Customer, feel free to open a support ticket by emailing if you need any assistance! You may also pop open LiveChat and contact us directly on here :)

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