The JDP Networks Flexi Virtual Private Server

Introducing the next generation state of the art Virtual Private Server system, the JDP Networks Flexi Server allows you to completely customise literally every aspect of your VPS Hosting.

Build Your Virtual Private Server

Scale your VPS instantly with 1-16 CPU cores, 512MB – 32GB RAM and up to 300GB SSD storage space expandable with SAN blocks. Your server, your hardware, your complete customisation.

What is the Flexi Server?

The JDP Networks Flexi Server is a Virtual Private Server infrastructure that allows you to customise literally everything at any time. And if you need to expand later on, rest with assurance that you can get this done instantly via the control panel – and all you need to do is restart your server for the changes to take affect.

Control Panel

The Flexi Server ships with a backend control panel which you can use to manage hundreds of options for even more flexibility.

Super Secure

24/7 DDoS mitigation paired with top shelf hardware firewall appliances ensure your Flexi Server never gets smacked into darkness.

Clustered HA Network

We use advanced High Availability Cluster configurations and SAN storage blocks to load balance nodes, and also provide redundancy to hardware failures.

Managed Hosting

Spin up a managed Flexi Server for an additional £20 / month on any VPS package and have our team administrate your server for you.

24/7 Support SLA

Enterprise support is available 24/7 on all packages. There are 3 ways to contact us, via email, via our website Live Chat service and also our new Discord Server.

Our Servers

The CPU of choice for our infrastructure is the AMD Opteron Server CPU, clocked at 3.0 Ghz. This extremely fast 16 Core processor is capable of handling any load and stress paired DDR4 ECC RAM, its a perfect fit for any sized project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful frequently asked pre-sale questions.

What is a VPS?

A VPS, also known as a Virtual Private Server is a machine hosted within another computer, called a hypervisor. The hypervisor allocates a pre-defined amount of CPU, RAM, Storage, and network bandwidth to the VPS. This allows for unshared resource allocation and the ability to manage your own private server.

Can I game off my Windows VPS?

Short answer, no.

VPS’s lack a dedicated GPU / Graphics Processing Unit, as they are designed for CPU intensive server tasks. Even the lowest performance demanding game will not be able to run on any VPS without a dedicated Graphics Processing Unit.

How long does it take to setup?

Access to the control panel is instantaneous. However, access to server settings will be disabled for up to 5 minutes while your server gets setup by the system. This takes no longer then 5 minutes.

Is it suitable for web hosting and DNS?

Indeed it is! The server control panel allows you to install many control panels used to manage your VPS right out the box. This includes cPanel, Plesk, CWP, and many others.

Can i re-install my server later?

Yes! Our Control Panel lets you manage every single aspect of your server, including the VNC console which you can even use to install your own ISO images should you want to. You can also mount any of operating system templates which typically re-install in under 2 minutes.

Some info about our Flexi Server

Hosting the world since 2015.

Flexi Virtual Private Server

Access to secured, rocket fast hardware in under 5 minutes




Deploy anything in seconds

Our Cloud Control Panel allows you to install many operating systems to your Virtual Private Server in under 2 minutes.


windows hosting






All Flexi Server Plans Include

Explore the benefits of flexible hosting

Linux, Windows? You choose!

Installing your operating system to your cloud panel is extremely simple, and takes 1 click of a button. Install, or re-install your Linux or Windows operating system in under 5 minutes via our backend Virtual Private Server Control Panel

Web Apps and Applications

Instantly install many web hosting and management dashboards with 1 click of a button via the Flexi Server Backend Control Panel.

Clustered Backup Service

Hundreds of UK based storage servers which automatically backup your VPS in the background allow you to re-install any snapshot or backup for free in just minutes. Backup and rollback has never been more easy!

Flexi Server Control Panel

The Virtual Private Server Control Panel allows you to manage all aspects of your professional Flexi Server in a specially crafted centeral management system.

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Flexi Virtual Private Server

Access to secured, rocket fast hardware in under 5 minutes