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UK & Singapore VPS Hosting

Our VPS's (Virtual Private Servers) are hosted in both the United Kingdom and Singapore. Our Singapore VPS location features free DDoS Protection [Standard - OVH], low latency to China and is hosted on fully Enterprise hardware.

The UK Data Centre, hosted by Vantage Data Centres [CWL1] is located in Cardiff and has been awarded the best DC in Europe. This DC has not had downtime in over 7 years since it opened, which is why we believe it is the perfect choice of location for our UK Customers.

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UK & Singapore Dedicated Servers

Experience Dedicated Server Hosting like no other. Our Bare Metal Server Hosting is powered by fully NVMe SSD storage in the UK and SATA SSD Storage in other locations, giving you and your customers 24 hour access to fast data when you need it most.

We give our customers the opportunity to manage their server from a Control Panel, VirtFusion by converting your Bare Metal to a VDS. This has many benefits such as instant OS Reinstallations, VNC Access and more.

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Our Infrastructure

All of our locations include the following key infrastructure components.

Data Centres
DDoS Protection
3x DC Locations [2x UK, 1x SG] Fully NVMe SSD VPS Storage 12+Tbps AnyCast Protection
Fully Colocated Setups VirtFusion Hosts Firewall access for IPs [Soon]
Private Network 10Gbps Standard On All Servers Path.NET Protected
Transparent Service Status & Monitors Servers are not oversold & stressed DDoS Attack Logs On Request

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